Tuesday, December 03, 2013

St.Nicholas Pain d'Epice (Gingerbread) Macaron

In the northern part of France, the children here celebrate Fête de St Nicholas in the first weekend of December. He is like the Santa, the children will write them and get to see him during the parade in which he gives candies to the children. We usually find St Nicholas form chocolate and spice bread in the shop to be offered to family and friends.

These are the macarons that were inspired by the flavoured and the festival :) Enjoy!!

Prior preparing your macaron, prepare the extra freezer bags. I use 2 plastic freezer bags, fold the bottom side up to the right, so that I can fill up the bag via the opening.I get a triangular which will make a cone when open up. Staple along the side. You will fill the batter in the opening of the freezer bag

Fold the bottom side (sealed side) to the right. Staple along.

1 room temperatured egg white(39-40g)
50g icing sugar
30g ground almond
30g castor sugar
1/4 teaspoon brown food colouring

1. Put ground almond and icing sugar in a food processor or a small blender. Blend them finely.

2. Sift the blended mixture and set aside

3. With an electric beater, Beat the egg white, start from low speed and increase slowly to maximum speed. Beat until frothy (you will see lots of fine bubbles)

4. Now it's the time to add in the castor sugar, add half of the sugar, continue to beat in maximum speed for around 2 minutes, add in the other half, continue until you get stiff peak meringue.

5. Mix the dry ingredients into the egg whites. This process is called Macaronage. Start folding with a rubber spatula. Mix just until you roughly incorporate the mixture

6. Divide the mixture into 2 parts. Add brown food colouring powder in one part,leave the second part without food colouring. continue folding each mixture until the batter flow like thick ribbon when lifted.

7. When you get smooth shiny mixture, stop folding, lift the mixture with spatula, if the mixture falls back slowly in the bowl means you're good to go. You could also check if the lines formed from the lifted mixture, they should slowly disappear in within 30 seconds. At this stage you're good to go. Do not over fold, it will be too liquid and becoming very hard to pipe.
if you're unsure, you could refer to my basic macaron recipe as a guide HERE

8.Use the freezing bags prepared earlier, fill each colours in each bag. Cut the tip of each freezer bags

9. Put those 2 bags carefully in the piping bag , pipe your macaron. The first few macarons might not have even flow of colours, depending on how well those bags are positioned. but don't worry they'll even eventually as you pipe.

10. Let your macarons sit for about 30minutes. This will depend on the humidity in your house and the day. Try touching the macaron softly, after 30mins. it should not stick to your hand.

12. Heat your oven to 140 C on fan heating. When the oven is ready, put your macaron in the middle level. Bake for 12 minutes, check them in the mid time of 6 minutes, the feets should already start forming. Turn the baking tray to the opposite direction to allow even baking. You can test if the macaron is cook, touch softly on the shell and when the macaron doesn't slide on the feet, it's cooked. if it's not add another 1 mins each time and check.


35g liquid cream
25g white cooking chocolate
25g spice /gingerbread

1. Crumble the gingerbread into tiny pieces.
2. Warm the cream in a small pot, while you melt the white chocolate over the waterbath.
3. Remove cream from heat, pour over melted white chocolate. Add in crumbled gingerbread.
4. Mix well, using a hand blender, blend up everything.
5. Pour into a bowl let it cool and set in the fridge for 1 hour before piping.


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