Monday, October 28, 2013

Passion Fruit Orange Ganache Halloween Macarons

October is here and I am glad to be able to find sometime to bake some halloween macarons and share it on the blog. Time is a bit short here with my chronically ill bunny, Nestor.

I have made some spider, pumpkin and ghost macarons. To make these you are going to need some extra tools listed below :

3 Piping bags
1 N° 8 Nozzle
1 Fine tip Nozzle
Tooth picks
3 bowls

For the shells:

* 2 egg white (40g)
* 60g castor sugar

* 100g icing sugar
* 60g almond powder
   (blend together)
* Orange and black food colouring

1. Mix almond meal and icing sugar together and blend it up in the blender. Sift then set aside.

2. Using electric beater, beat egg white until foamy, then add in half of the castor sugar, continue until the egg white reaches soft peak then add in the remaining sugar, beat until stiff peak.

3. Add the dry ingredient to the meringue. Fold until roughly combined, do not over fold as the food colouring needs to be incorporate into the mixture later. Divide the mixture into 3 parts.

4. Fold the first part of the mixture without any food colouring until a smooth and the mixture flow downs like a thick ribbon when liften. Start of by piping the ghost shape macaron, Pipe a small circle and slowly release as you move your hand towards the side to form the tail. Repeat but this time draw the tail on the opposite side. Keep a teaspoon of white mixture to decorate the eye of the spider macarons later.

5. Add orange food colour into the second bowl, fold and pipe out standard macaron circles. Add on a tiny circle on top while pulling it away from the circle quickly to form a tip on top of the circle.

6. Add black food colour into the third bowl. Fold then pipe a 4 cm circle, then add on a tiny circle on top, repeat to make 8 spiders without the legs, remember to space out nicely to make room for the legs. Once it is done, pipe out eight 4 cm circle to use as the base of the spider macarons. Placing a smaller nozzle over the n°8 nozzle, slowly draw four legs on each side of the big circle.

7. Using the same method as drawing the legs, draw the eyes and lips of the pumpkins and ghosts.

8. Finally use a toothpick to dip in the white mixture and draw eyes and lines on the spider.

9. Preheat oven to 140 C while the macaron is resting. Bake for 12-14 minutes and let the macaron shells cool down before removing them.

Filling :
* 100g white chocolate (chopped)
* 30g passion fruit juice, 1 organic orange rim (grated)

1. Obtain juice from fresh passion fruit and discard the seed. Put the juice and orange rim together in a pot and warm it over low heat until warm.

2. Remove the juice from the heat, add in white chocolate, stir until a smooth ganache is obtained.

3 Place a cling wrap over and set in the refrigerator for 30 minutes.

4. Pipe the filling on the macaron shells and enjoy



  1. Hello, lovely to meet you on blog land, my friend kerry recomended you :) I absolutely love these, they are truly scrumptious !! I will be popping back regularly from my blogg, have a lovely day !! xxx

  2. Hi, nice blog. Love those Halloween macarons they are adorable.

  3. These are such a cute idea! Do you have other holiday macaron recipes? I think you would be a contender in our Macaron Master Challenge running until Tuesday! I hope you will enter your recipe, but if not, I would love to just feature it on our site!

    Here is a link to the challenge.

    Best wishes,
    Jill at Gourmandize UK and Ireland

    1. Thank you I would love to join :) Thanks for the invitation

  4. waahhh ini beneer-bener cocok banget untuk tema helloweennya..
    oia untuk yang valentinenya ada?
    terimaksih ;)