Wednesday, October 26, 2011

20% OFF Discount Coupon

Hello all

Here is the 20% OFF Discount Coupon on any Macaron Fetish Book :)

Please visit

Key in code: ADBLURB (valid once per customer) until 31st Dec 2011 at last stage of check out for 20% OFF

Any question feel free to ask :) Thank you


  1. Hi Kim, after two days of reading your blog I dared to try my own macarons according to your basic recipe - and it was a total success! :) So I was just wondering if there´s any way of buying your macaron books? I´m especially interested in the Luxury collection but Blurbs does not offer it any more...

    1. Hello Misa, I have got a book deal so all the books from blurbs are nolonger available to the public, if you are interested in the Luxury Collection please contact me at and I still have a copy left with me

    2. That would be realy great, I´ll surely write you soon and I´m already looking forward to the book :)