Friday, March 18, 2011

Macaron Fetish Book is out, now available to be ordered

I'd like say thank you my fellow followers on my blog. When I first created this blog, I had never imagined that it would draw in people around the world :) I am really glad that I have this opportunity to share the recipes and methods, internet is really an amazing discovery!

Please feel free to have a look and the preview of some pages of the book. This book contains 40 pages and is fully coloured. If you have any questions please feel free to ask :)

Thank you again


  1. Great! I really would like to get this book!

  2. Hi, i interested in getting this book, how to place an order, btw i m fm Johor Bahru n since u post in yr blog tt u wil be in Malaysia this May can u tell me how i can get this book.....

  3. hello Khairoon, sorry for the late reply this book can be ordered through the link above. I do not store this book on hand, order is to go through (click on the image above) and payment by Paypal, they print and send the book to you directly :) Anymore question you're welcome to contact me :

  4. TQ kim for the info.....

  5. i really love your bake!!!! i also want to be a good baker soon~ i really love vanilla or milk flavour (maybe it can be a filling between the macaroons but i dont know how to do it, either use the essence or the milk powder or white chocolate bar fuhhhhh can you give any idea??)... or have you post about this flavour ??? and can oreo be the main ingredients in macaroons???
    soorryyyy to much for asking....
    i wait your response....
    thanks againnnn ;) ~

  6. hello i suppose for macaron filling everything goes. however i do now suggest any 'industrial' process food to be use such as oreo etc...because this kind of cookie in general is high in sugar and i personally do not like them. As the macaron shells are already sweet mixing with oreo would just make it sweeter.. for me it's too much. But if you like it why not. I believe that flavour full macaron comes from fresh and high quality ingredients. If you like vanilla, you could buy fresh vanilla and remove the grains from it to mix with your white chocolate... :0) happy trying

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