Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Macaron Fetish

I fell in love for the macaron the first time I ate one.

Let get this right, Macaron is not Macaroon. Macaron is a Parisian Pastry made famouse by Pierre Hermé about 10 years back when he was a pastry chef of Ladurée. Today, the macarons from Ladurée in Paris cost about 2 Euros per piece.

The urge to make macarons crossed my mind many times. As I am not really a good baker, it took me months of courage to actually attempt to making them.

I must admit that I have then a love-hate relationship with macarons. There are days when I stuck my nose in front of oven to look for feet only to find no feet macarons in the oven.

So there I was, making the first attempt in Nov, 2009. Result - Flat, ugly, rough macaron. I didn't have any photos of them, but they were flat and look like cookies! I was devastated.

Second attempt, round, puffy no feet macaron :(

Second attempt

I remember researching online about different method and then I decided to go for the third attempts. I found a recipe for 1 egg, which sounds good to me because if it fail, I didnt have to waste whole lot of ingrediants.

I piped the Macaron and waited anxiously in front of the oven, after mins, there come the feet.... i was so excited and danced around the kitchen as if I've won lotto!

Strangely, after this suscess, I counldn't get anymore macarons with feet in the next few bakes. Determinated, I kept trying and failing...I really wanted to tame this little suckers!! Until I came across finally a video from a Chef who lives in Quebec. And it helped me a lot!! So I hope I could share a few tips with you guys out there

I'll post the basic macaron recipe soon, please have a look.

Have fun baking


  1. Hi Kim,

    I accidently found your blog while I was searching cho macaron recipe. I tried the recipe of this website http://www.deliciousmagazine.co.uk/recipes/strawberry-macaroons and I failed. I talked to myself maybe im not a macaron baker. However, after I read this article of yours, I got my confidence back and will be willing to give it another try.
    Thanks very much Kim. Hope you will go further in doing your dream.

  2. Hi Kim

    I love all of your recipes, I'm 17, live at home and work. When ever I get time I decide to make some of your yummy macarons. For me cooking is something I want to do when I finish school. Also this is really inspirational and could you post more?? :)